The Beginning

I’m going to warn my readers up front – this blog isn’t going to be touchy-feely.  It may make those who know me uncomfortable.  I’m sorry for that, but I can’t mince words on these issues any more.

So here’s the plain truth, as it is on this day in August, 2013.

I’m fat.  Very fat.  Morbidly Obese.  This is not a matter of subjective opinion.  It is a quantifiable fact.  At 6’6″ tall, 354 pounds, I have a Body Mass Index of 40.8.  This places me in the category of “morbidly obese”.  I have heart disease, and I am a diabetic.  To say this is not good is such an understatement as to be idiotic.  This is a deadly combination.  At this rate, I am not likely to see 50 (I’m 45 now).

I’ve tried diet and exercise, and actually had some good results.  I was at one point down to 330 pounds (Horray!  Only “severely obese” at that point).  Then, I fell off the wagon, began eating crap food (and too much of it), and put back 25 pounds in a few short months.

The story isn’t all bleak, though – at one point, I was in excess of 400 pounds.  How much in excess I am not sure – the scale at the doctor’s office only went to 400, and I was above that.  I bought a special scale for the house – one that could handle up to 380 pounds.  I was very proud the first time I weighed myself on that scale and saw a number instead of “Err”.  Kind of a sad achievement, in a way, but still…

So here we are – at a turning point.  One of my doctors basically said “until you lose weight, there is nothing I can do for you that will work.  And the only way you will lose the weight is through surgery.”  I went down to a local hospital and attended a seminar on their bariatric surgery program.  They do have an excellent program, one of the best in the world.  But:

  1. I am not a good candidate for surgery in general due to my prior history and being on blood thinners.
  2. Surgery scares the hell out of me.

So I would rather not take that path.  Alas, there is some research out there that suggests that the success rate for patients with a BMI > 40 losing weight and keeping it off is very low.  Very, very low.  Single digit percentages.

But I am going to see if I can beat those odds.  And if you read this blog, you’re going to see, too.

I’ve purchased a bike, and I am alternating walking and riding for exercise, striving for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day.  I am logging everything I eat in an app on my phone / computer, and avoiding junk food.  So far, so good.  I lost 8 pounds in the last week.

I’m going to post my weight, my activity, and my general notes here.  I’m done living as a land whale.  I’m either going to work this weight off, or die trying.  Time will tell which one it is….

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